Our Values and Drivers


Integrated and sustainable continuous improvements to the quality of care provided in all areas of social care.


To support and enable social care providers to truly put the resident at the centre of all aspects of the care they receive.


As a not-for-profit organisation TSCIG is dedicated to improving the quality of care in the social care sector and reinvesting in our partners to create sustainable changes.

We help social care providers to create cultures of continuous improvement and are energised when we see tangible improvements in the quality of care, enhancing all aspects of a residents experience.

Being a not-for-profit social enterprise allows us to care about improving things for everyone. We use what we know to influence public debate, re-shape public policy and support the transformation of services, leading to improvements that everyone can learn from. From our formation, TSCIG is committed to reinvest in the projects that we support. The founding directors have cemented this commitment by enshrining it in our legal constitution.

Core Drivers

The founders of TSCIG see improvement methodologies and innovation as the means to improve the quality of care delivered to residents in the social care sector.

We work with individual Care Home organisations, NHS Commissioners, Local Authorities and other interested parties involved in the provision of services for care home residents.