The TSCIG People

Stephen Burrows
Stephen BurrowsDevelopment
Steve has enduring passion for education and lifelong learning. Always seeking fresh challenges and opportunities for change, Steve looks to create as much value as possible in all the work we do and provide maximum benefit to those we serve.

He has worked in public service for his whole career and enjoys seeing the “back office” working well to enable positive contributions on the front-line. Steve’s interest in seeking improvement once compliance has been achieved has been a common theme throughout his working life. His personal and family involvement with the health and social care sector has influenced his motivation to support people involved in front line delivery of services.

Steve’s love of sport and music is a likely consequence of being born in Manchester in 1966. Always willing to give anything a go; as a teenager, he soon realised that Manchester United were as likely to sign him up as were any international rock bands looking for a tuneless bass guitar player. This has not deterred him though, Steve’s continual active in participation sports long distance events like triathlon, distance running and endurance walking – with his favourite tunes on his ipod, of course!

As an optimist and lifelong learner, Steve always seeks opportunities to improve. A graduate in chemistry, he trained and practiced as a schoolteacher and scientist before gaining business qualifications. He loves problem solving and working with ranges of opinions to seek out the best solutions and then make sure they are implemented.

Philip Haynes
Philip HaynesDelivery
Phil is passionate about working with people to make a difference in what they do. He encourages people to decide for themselves the best course of action in any situation by asking questions.

Phil specialised in process improvement in automotive manufacturing, before moving to health and social care. He learnt that practical application is more powerful than sharing theory to engage people. Phil has developed powerful observation skills, identifying examples of and opportunities for improvement in everyday life.

Phil’s preferred motto is ‘Engage, Equip, Empower’, which shapes his view on the best way to enhance knowledge and confidence to people on their improvement journeys.

Phil has a keen interest in many sports, through participation, spectating and reading, although his enthusiasm outweighs his talent when participating!

Phil is fortunate to have worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East. He is always amazed at how, despite different cultures, economies, languages and systems, the challenges people face in trying to make improvements to what they do are often very similar. This diversity of working locations has led Phil to keep abreast of best practice in improvement work globally and sharing the learning across national boundaries.

Phil is known for using his sense of humour when working with people, to relax the environment for sharing information. To the constant surprise of his colleagues, this always seems to prove effective, despite the concerns they raise over the quality of his material!

Mel Moffatt
Mel MoffattAssurance and Finance
Mel’s passion is to ensure that government departments share their best ideas with each other and with other governments.

Recent issues in the Social Care sector have become a huge focus and Mel is determined to support this sector with his knowledge and experience gained from working in Health System innovation in over fourteen countries.

Mel’s mantra is, “We are all part of the system, so let’s spend our time and energy making it the best in the world.”

He is focused on promoting UK Plc, and has a passion about taking the best of the UK government’s ideas around the globe. After living abroad for many years in established and developing environments, he is a strong advocate of the UK’s cultural and political stability.

Mel is deeply interested in history, especially the relationship and influence of trade on historic affairs in continental Europe. Arguably less seriously, he has a great love of football. Rather than supporting a single team, he follows all the teams where has had connections, from Torquay United to Nottingham Forest.

After leaving school early, to work in the family business, Mel went back to college and studied accountancy. He became a Chartered Accountant and worked for the world’s largest accountancy firm in a number of countries, including the United States.

Mel grew up in a hotel and worked in many kitchens whilst at college, developing his interest in cooking. He continues to be a keen amateur cook and insists that he has never served the family the same meal on two consecutive days in fifteen years…..they, however, show no interest in this fact, as long as they are well fed.

Grant Spry
Grant SpryOperations
Grant provides TSCIG with Project Management services for the implementation of improvement methodologies, along with supporting the Directors with the development and operations of the organisation.

After completing a degree in Psychology Grant has worked in health and social care environments for 8 years delivering a wide variety of projects. He takes pride in supporting initiatives that lead to improvements for the people who are the beneficiaries of services, and of course for the staff delivering them.

Having spent 6 months working for a major care home provider, he gained a useful insight into the challenges that care home staff face on a day to day basis and enjoyed supporting Managers in providing high quality care for their residents.

Grant hopes that the current focus on Health and Social Care leads to improved policy to cater for the ageing population and more ‘joined up’ services. For himself he plans to commence training as an Occupational Psychologist, focussing upon organisational development, leadership and innovation.